KSThree.com was started originally as a small telecoms provider in Durban, offering Internet Hosting, Email, ADSL, and as a reseller for another VOIP company. Things are set to change, as we gearing towards launching our own VOIP infrastructure, offering low call rates nationwide, allowing you to bring down that high phone bill.

Currently we can install VOIP PBX hardware for everyone from a single office with a few lines right through to a multi branch company needing to be able to transfer calls between branches and not miss a beat. Add to that the value of VOIP calling and Vanity Numbers such as 0861-CALLME, we can build the perfect solution to your needs.

We are also about to launch a range of mobile phone solutions. With our sim-cards you will be able to make calls to any network for as little as 39c per minute.

Some of our turnkey solutions include:

Call us today on 084 911 3333 or WhatsApp us on +27314640333 or email us on sales at ksthree dot com.