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Why we don’t believe in contracts

If you have ever had a mobile contract, you probably have experienced the difference in service between prepaid and contract accounts with your service provider.

It is not uncommon for companies to be complacent once they have you locked into a contract.

We avoid fixed term contracts. The reason being is that we want our customers to be able to leave. That way we know they stay because we offer exceptional service, and not because they have a piece of paper forcing them to stay.

With KSThree.com, it is very unlikely that you will ever come across a contract that holds you to us. We are therefore kept on our toes at all time, and have to keep working hard to look after you as a customer.

We do not do contracts with our suppliers either. Our suppliers work exceptionally hard to keep us as a customer because they know that if the service drops then we will start looking else where for a new supplier.

With us, if the service drops, then you have the freedom to move at any time. We will work hard to make sure you have good products and good service.

If at any time you feel that the service you are getting is not acceptable, then please feel free to email us on complaints at ksthree dot com and we will address the matter promptly.