1. Top Level Support
No waiting for ages on the phone for support. We will report line faults promptly via WhatsApp (0725666101) or Phone (0849113333). We will also come out to you if there is a problem that can’t be resolved remotely, and we will come promptly. (Restricted to Durban and Surrounds for now)

2. Lower Contention Ratios
We don’t go over board when selling capacity on our network. We keep the number of users low in relation to our network capacity. This is better for Streaming and Gaming.

3. No SoftCap or Long Term Throttling
You only get throttled when the network is busy, when the network is not busy the account is opened up.

4. No Contracts EVER
We mean it, we want our customers doing business with us because we are the best, not because there is a piece of paper that tells you to.

5. Access via Multiple Networks
We currently offer access on the following networks: OpenServe, Vumatel, iSpot and Rain. We are also in the process of adding more networks. So we can offer connectivity on any of the listed networks, meaning you are not stuck with one network if line quality is terrible.

6. Referral Commissions
We are currently launching a referral commission structure, which means, as a KSThree.com customer, you will get a monthly on going commission for every customer you refer to us, paid directly into your bank account.

7. Separate Networks
We run separate backend infrastructure for each level of connectivity. So if you are on a Premium Package, you will not be bottled down by the users of our standard package. You will be guaranteed a better service for which you are paying.

8. Wide Technical Skillsets in House
We are able to offer a wide range of support solutions, meaning that you will always get a qualified and experienced person tracking and sorting your support issues.

9. No Queues
Never stand in a queue. You can send your requests to us via WhatsApp (0725666101) or Phone (0849113333). We will even come to you if need be. (Restricted to Durban and Surrounds for now)

10. No Broken Telephone Syndrome
You will be able to speak directly to the person handling your account or support. No need to deal with third parties and hope the message gets through.

11. You Are Not A Number
We like to get to know our customers and build a relationship. We learn what they like and what they need. We will advise them for the best solution to match these requirements, putting the customer first, not the profit.